How to use monocles

settings and quick instructions
web search monocles search

The anonym web search running with a highly modified version of searx can be accessed with every normal browser.

For Android we recommend the use of monocles browser with it's integrated anti-tracking and ad-blocking features.
ocean monocles ocean

The monocles cloud is your main access to nearly all services including files, calender, contact, e-mail, webchat and conferences (Talk).

Apps: Nextcloud Desktop Client (Linux, Windows, macOS), Nextcloud Files (Android, iOS), Nextcloud Notes (Android, iOS), Davx⁵ (for syncing contacts and calender on Android), Nextcloud passwords (Android)
e-mail monocles mail

maximum e-mail attachment size: 50 MB

mail server
Port 993 465
Encryption SSL/TLS SSL/TLS
Method regular password (PLAIN) regular password (PLAIN)

Recommended apps: claws mail (Linux/MacOS/Windows), monocles mail (Android), Spark (iOS)

chat monocles chat

Unlimited encrypted temporary file/message storage for 60 days

maximum file attachment size: 100 MB

available apps:
Operating System Linux Windows MacOS iOS Android Linux Phone (Phosh)
free • Dino
• Gajim
• Gajim BeagleIM SiskinIm
• Monal
monocles chat
• Movim
non-free • Conversations
development • Gajim (self build)
• Dino (self build)

To keep the system secure the chat services uses no "in-band" registration.
All registration can be done on the registration site.

For android we highly recommend the use of monocles chat.

conferences monocles conferences

Make conferences with your monocles account!

(also to non monocles users) Apps: Firefox (Linux, Windows, MacOS), Fennec (Android), Safari (iOS), Nextcloud Talk (Android, iOS)
social can be used with every modern browser.
For Android you can also use:
monocles social

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